This free add-on by Rudolf Schider is a must for all UK glider pilots, as well as everyone else who want to try gliding in the UK. Check out the Scottish wave or try a challenging x-country with weak thermals and low cloud base in southern england. Be sure to bring your Turn & Slip indicator!

This scenery covers all of UK with all the major gliding fields. The scenery is based on Landsat satellite imagery and SRTM 90m elevation data. The scenery has been split into two parts covering southern and northern UK respectively.


To install the scenery, download the zip file(s) and unzip them to the data\scenery folder. If you installed in the default location, this will be c:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data\scenery.

For linux, this would be $SW_HOME/data/scenery

Select this as “Target Folder” in your unzip program and extract the files. You should now have a subdirectory called UK in the scenery folder.