This scenery covers about 140000 of the South African cape. Download now for some nice southern hemisphere mountain flying!

Worcester, South Africa, home of the Cape Gliding Club is an arid location, often hot and windy, giving excellent soaring opportunities during peak weather periods. The Worcester area is central to some spectacular mountain chains which offer ridge flying in all seasons. Those readers who are followers of the OLC will have noticed that flights in excess of 1000km have become almost commonplace at Worcester. Summer offers the best thermic conditions and winter winds often precipitate high mountain lee-waves - excellent opportunities for Diamond height gains. An all year flying season.


To install the scenery packages, download the zip file and unzip it to the data\scenery folder. If you installed in the default location, this will be c:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data\scenery.

For linux, this would be $SW_HOME/data/scenery

Select this as “Target Folder” in your unzip program and extract the files. You should now have a subdirectory called “South_Africa” in the scenery folder.