The Minden scenery covers an area of approx. 100 000 sq km of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe and Nevada desert. Fly from famous soaring sites such as Minden, Air Sailing and Tonopah and admire the fantastic scenery of the south western USA.


If you are only planning to evaluate the Silent Wings Simulator, you may select to download and install only this limited size (80 km x 80 km, 217 Mb) scenery:

To fully enjoy the simulator, you should download and install the entire Minden scenery, which is of a total of about 1500 Mb. The distribution is divided in four regions, Minden 1 - Minden 4, each of about 350-400 Mb:

Click to download Click to download
Click to download Click to download

You may select to install one or more of these regions; however, we recommend that you start with Minden 1, as it is generally viewed to be the most interesting soaring region.


To install the scenery files, unzip them into the Silent Wings\data\scenery folder.

Mac users: Drop the .zip file onto the InstallScenery icon in the Silent Wings folder.