This scenery covers 17000 km2 of terrain around the Harris Hill Soaring Center near Elmira, NY. at 2 meters per pixel resolution.

This scenery is a huge download, a whopping 3Gb, but well worth it when you see the beatiful aerial photos and lush forests.

The scenery contains models for the soaring museum and airport buildings at Harris Hill made by Ryan Smith who has kindly let us use his work in this scenery.


To install the scenery, download the zip file(s) and unzip them to the data\scenery folder. If you installed in the default location, this will be c:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data\scenery. For linux, this would be $SW_HOME/data/scenery

Select this as “Target Folder” in your unzip program and extract the files. You should now have a subdirectory called “Harris_Hill” in the scenery folder.

Alternative 1: Separate ZIP Files

Please Note: You need all the zip files to use the scenery:

Alternative 2: Single TGZ file.

This download contains all the scenery in one big file. You need a program that can extract tar/gzip files, such as WinRAR, etc. This is the recommended download for Linux and Mac OSX.