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Silent Wings 1.06 released!

After months of intensive development the Silent Wings Multiplayer upgrade is now available for download. Now you can join your buddies in the silent skies for both competitions and recreational flights.

In addition, the patch contains a lot of other improvements, read on for the details.

What's new in this release (v1.06)

  • Online multiplayer!
  • Turbulence. The turbulence model is modeled so that you can find it where you would expect it in real life, i.e on the lee side of ridges, in wind shears, etc.
  • In-flight help screen with a list of all keyboard commands (press 'h' to enable/disable).
  • Output of movie files. You can now record your flying directly to MPEG1/2 or DivX. (Enable movie capture on the config page, and press ALT-R in flight to toggle recording).
  • Improved thermal algorithms. Thermals will now follow ridge lines and release near the top.
  • Improved performance: No more pauses while loading data. Better fps, especially on windows platform.
  • Keyboard commands to steer the tow plane left or right (Y and U) during aerotows.
  • Screen shot button (ALT+P). Images are saved in the Silent Wings folder.
  • Improved in-flight waypoint menu (CTRL+D and ALT+D).
  • Some cleanup of the launcher GUI, especially the configuration setup and main menu.
  • Improved menus and GUI elements in the simulator.
  • Some tuning of the flight models, especially the Ventus.

Using the multiplayer

To connect to a multiplayer server, just press the "Multiplayer" button on the main menu, then press "Refresh list" to get a list of currently active servers. Select one of the active servers and press "Connect". You will now see that you are connected on the main menu, and in the toolbar of the launcher application.

When you are connected to a multiplayer server, you may not change any of the weather settings, except cloud densitiy (due to it's effect on frame rate) and turbulence factor (this is temporary, turbulence will also be determined by server in the future).

To see which servers are up, and who's online at the moment, use the following URL:


To chat in-game with other players, press Enter to open the chat window.


To install this update, download the file below and run it.

If, for some reason you cannot use the updates, you can install the full installer package from the following link: Linux
To install this update, download the tar file and extract it in the SilentWings directory. The full installation package can be found here:

Older updates

If you have an older version than 1.05, you must apply one or more of the following patches before applying the 1.06 patch